Immunity to Change (TM)

Dealing effectively with change and gaining a deeper understanding of resistance to change is the purpose of Kegan’s Immunity-to-Change(TM) process. Individual beliefs, along with the collective mindsets in our organizations, often create a natural but powerful ‘Immunity to Change’.

This process will provide ways to unlock individual or team potential, creating new perspectives to move forward on critical improvement goals. The objective is for the client (individual, group or team) to focus on a specific personal or organisational advancement that, despite earlier efforts, has not reached full fruition. The process aims to guide the client on a novel journey that helps surface individual internal contradictions and (possibly faulty) operating assumptions taken as ‘truths’ that are unwittingly working against realising personal aspirations.

The client will create a personal map of diagnostic, called the ‘Immunity to Change’ as it relates to the client’s specific improvement goal. The process incorporates a strong individual attention as well as a strong interpersonal, social-group and trust/safety component when conducted in a group setting. This map will be highly personal and could be incorporated in specific actions as part of an Individual Development Plan.

The learning from this map is not restricted to a particular context, instead offers an instructive application for use in a variety of personal and professional challenges.