Integral Coaching (TM)

Bart coaches senior executives (individual and group/team) who aim for higher efficacy in a fast-changing, complex and interdependent business context. As a Change Agent and facilitator, he applies an integrally informed methodology to encourage new ways-of-working and next-level leadership. In his consultancy work, Bart offers strategic and operational advise to international JV’s that aspire a sustainable integration of distinct different structures and cultures.

Integral Coaching® refers to a way of coaching that is whole, complete and integrated. This coaching method offers a unique and systematic approach to change and is based on methodological rigour and practitioner embodiment.

Integral Coaching® builds on the frameworks developed in Integral Theory, Adult Development Theories, Subject-Object Theory and includes behaviorism and ontology, systems approach and dialogue, and at all stages is subject to objective, measurable results.

The Integral Coaching® method allows for a complete view of a client’s constellation and deeply honors the complexity of being human. The client is able to shift quickly and radically into healthier, more productive, deeply satisfying, and more expanded ways-of-being and ways-of-working.

Bart’s corporate career has shaped his view for an urgent and integrally inspired approach to Human Capital. As Otto Scharmer states:

“the blind spot [regarding leadership] concerns not the what and how – not what leaders do and how they do it – but the who: who we are and the inner place or source from which we operate, both individually and collectively.”

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