b-Integral Pte Ltd

b-Integral Pte. Ltd. is an international firm specialised in executive coaching, organisational change, strategy consulting, integral leadership development, competency & capacity building, and facilitation. We conduct active-learning team workshops, individual and team Integral Coaching® services, talent assessments & development centers for our international clients in China and South-East Asia.

b-Integral Pte. Ltd. is a living eco-system of embodied change practitioners, engaging our collective intelligence and assigning our most capable and experienced resources to deliver optimal value to our clients.  We live by the paradigms of conscious business centred on the principles of i) unconditional responsibility, ii) essential integrity, iii) ontological humility, iv) authentic communication, v) impeccable execution, vii) emotional mastery and viii) generosity.

Partnerships with overseas leading-edge leadership and change practitioners ensure an intelligent integration of services in the domain of Integral Theory, which includes Systems- and Complexity Theory, Polarity & Tetra-Dynamics, adult & leadership stage development.

Bart C de Backker founded b-Integral Pte. Ltd. in 2001 servicing clients in South-East Asia and China. He anchors his work in two decades as a management consultant, co-founding partner of a successful IT company and BU Asia Head of a global IT organisation. His international on-the-ground expertise stretches from Antwerp over Doha to Cape Town, Sydney to Hong Kong, Delhi to Shanghai.

Bart coaches senior executives who aim for higher efficacy in today’s complex, volatile and uncertain business climate. As an organisational change agent, he applies an integral-informed methodology to establish new ways-of-working and next-level leadership. His strategic and operational consultancy work integrates structures and systems, individuals and cultures, behaviours and performance.

His coaching & consulting practices centre on serving individuals and organisations to reach professional efficacy, personal presence, shared meaning and organisational fit in a complex and interdependent business context. His inter-cultural sensitivity, agile management approach, and practical strategic & operational management experience keeps his work honest and applicable.

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